Born in Sweden in 1895, Edward Bohlin ran away from home at age 15, working his way to America on a huge four-mast schooner with dreams of Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West in his head. Ed worked cattle drives around Montana before opening his first saddle shop in Cody, Wyoming where he did rope tricks in front of his shop to draw business.

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Bohlin Saddles

Ed Bohlin was known for his beautifully crafted parade saddles. A perfectionist, for good and bad, he never accepted anything less than the best craftsmanship. The leather on his saddles still squeak after 60 years.

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Bohlin Buckles

Ed wanted the riders of his saddles to look elegant and match the beauty and artistry of the outfit. He made fine matching vests, chaps, belts, gunbelts, bolos, hatbands, and buckles to dress his riders.

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Celebrities and Bohlin

Edward Bohlin arrived in Hollywood at the perfect time. A time when westerns were all the craze. Because of this Bohlin was able to make many pieces for many well known western actors such as John Wayne, Roy Rodgers, Dale Evans, Montie Montana, and Clayton Moore.

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My Bohlin Collection

Over the years I have been able to collect many Bohlin pieces. This is my personal Bohlin collection. Enjoy.

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